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  • Good practices :
      • Mindful of the security of your transactions on the Internet, the Banque populaire group equipped its Chaabi Net website with a data encryption mechanism. Thus, all the consultations and transactions you make are encrypted by means of this protocol SSL 128 bits from end to end.

        On your computer's browser, this translates to:
        • 1 - The presence of https in front of the internet address.
          2 - The display of a lock.
      • To login to Chaabi Net:
        • 1 - Always access through the browser by typing your bank's URL Never follow a link in an email.
          2 - Make sure that access to Chaabi Net is secure (https and lock)..
      • Password confidentiality
        • Passwords are the keys to access your information and online accounts. Of course, it is tempting to choose simple passwords that are easy to remember, such as your children's first names or your date of birth. Hence, the challenge is to choose your paswords in such a way that they can be easily remembered while being difficult for others to guess.

          1 - Change your passwordon your first login upon reception and destroy the mail you have received it in.

          2 - Create a password that you can easily memorize but avoid those you already use for other services (email for example).
          3 - Remember your password , do not write it down and do not communicate it to anyone.
          4 - Frequently change your password .
          5 - For security reasons, we do not recommend saving your username and password on your computer, even if your browser offers to.
          6 - If you have any doubts, immediately change your password .
          7 - Immediately report to your advisor the loss or theft of your login information to block your access to Chaabi Net.
          8 - Enter your password using the virtual keyboard.
        • Logging out
          • 1 - When you're done checking your accounts, use the Log-out button which ensures you end your session completely.
            2 - Before each logout, make a note of the number of logins. Upon the next login, please make sure that this counter has evolved normally.