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  • Article 1: object
    • The purpose of this agreement is to define the general terms and conditions under which, on the one hand, the Bank makes available to the Subscriber the services defined in Article 2 below, and on the other hand the Subscriber access and use these services. The parties agree that the items recorded by them in the course of an operation have probative value. Any use of the service is subject to compliance with these terms and conditions.
  • Article 2: Services
    • Nature of services offered :

      Chaabi Net

      • - Synthesis account
      • - Balance and movements on the accounts
      • - Archive of statements of account, transaction notices and depreciation tables
      • - List of authorizations
      • - MSDS and edition of RIB
      • - List of electronic cards held and history of transactions carried out by these cards
      • - Securities portfolio, order book, securities movement history and stock prices
      • - Situation of depreciable and revolving credits with the list of unpaid bills
      • - Contracts of assistance and follow-up of refunds
      • - Bancassurance savings contracts
      • - Securities portfolio, order book, securities movement history and stock prices

      • - Payment Methods Order   
      • - Deactivation or opposition of card
      • - Money transfer
      • - Transfer from account to account
      • - Payment of invoices and taxes and payment of purchases

      • - Balance alert, alert raised.
      • - Unpaid credit term
      • - Orderly transfer not executed
      • - Unpaid checks
      • - Automatic withdrawal not executed

      • - Password change
      • - Adding and removing accounts
      •  - Edition of the contract
      • - Addition and withdrawal of services
      •  - Customization of services

      • - Credit by maturity, capacity and duration of borrowing
      • - A term deposit
      • - bancassurance contracts

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Useful information
      • - Board Breviary

      Chaabi Mobile

      Information following a transaction on the bank account
      • - Amount of the transaction performed
      • - Balance of the bank account after posting the transactions movements of the day's account.

      Alert Information
      • - Unpaid credit term
      • - Orderly transfer not executed
      • - Unpaid checks
      • - Automatic withdrawal not executed

      Chaabi Phone

      • - Consultation of the balance and the last 5 operations
      • - Reception of the last 15 movements
      • - Revolving credit simulation
      • - Call Advisor
      • - Account Information
      • - Assistance for initiation and / or support of banking transactions
      • - Simulations
  • Article 3: Access to the service
    • Access to the services referred to in Article 2 (with the exception of the contact adviser available 6 days on 7 from 9H to 20H) is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7 except in case of force majeure or an event beyond the control of the Bank and subject to possible failures and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the service and equipment. The maid may at any time add to his subscription one or more services from the list of offered services mentioned in Article 2. The activation of the services added is effective within a 24 hours. Similarly, the Subscriber may delete one or more services from his subscription. Deleted services will be disabled within 24 hours.
    • However, the Bank is not bound by any obligation of result. The Bank can not under any circumstances be held responsible for any failures or delays in using the services.
    • The Bank can not be held responsible for any interruptions, delays, security incidents or errors made while using the service.
    • Access to services offered under this agreement is possible from the date of receipt by the Subscriber of personal identification provided by the Bank.
    • The services of Chaabi Mobile are offered as follows: The services "information following a transaction on the bank account" and "alert information" are provided by the Bank without sending a message from the client.
  • Article 4: Identification elements
    • All the elements allowing the Subscriber to identify themselves and to connect to the services provided for in Article 2, is personal and confidential.
    • The Subscriber undertakes to keep secret his identifiers and not to disclose them to third parties under some forms whatever.
    • Use of the service is an exclusive use of the Subscriber and / or offered in a professional or private capacity.
    • In case of subscription by a collective account, the use of the service can be done by the spouses the account or the co-account holders, which the Subscriber declares to be perfectly familiar with any liability related to this use.
    • In the event of loss or theft of one of the Subscriber's identification elements, the Subscriber must inform the Bank by telephone or fax, to be confirmed by letter with acknowledgment of receipt or discharge within a day. If this day coincides with a non-working day, the deadline is then extended until the first working day. After this period, the Bank declines all liability in case of use made without the knowledge of the Subscriber.
    • The new identification elements will be sent to the Subscriber by mail or by any means appropriate.
    • It is specified that any use of the Subscriber's identification elements is done under the entire responsibility of the Subscriber.
    • It is therefore agreed that all operations initiated via this channel are deemed to emanate from the Subscriber himself. Thus any subsequent dispute will be inadmissible.
  • Article 5: Confidentiality and personal data
    • Confidentialité :
    • The Subscriber is responsible for the confidentiality of the information received, as a result the Bank is released from any responsibility.
    • Subscriber expressly agrees and for the duration of this Agreement that his / her personal data are transmitted to service providers and subcontractors, to bodies responsible for conducting surveys or surveys and only for the purpose of realizing surveys, surveys or any other services related to the improvement of the services rendered by the Bank. In this respect, the service providers, subcontractors and bodies responsible for these surveys and surveys are required to respect professional secrecy.
    • Subscriber expressly agrees that his telephone conversations with a recorded according to the nature of the operations that may be carried out on that occasion.
    • Protection des données à caractère personnel :
    • En application des dispositions de la loi n° 09-08 relative à la protection des personnes physiques à l'égard du traitement des données à caractère personnel, l’abonné donne consentement à la Banque à l’effet de traiter ses données personnelles collectées.
    • L’abonné consent en outre, que ses données à caractère personnel soient communiquées à la Banque Centrale , aux banques populaires régionales, aux filiales de la banque, à ses sous-traitants, aux autres établissements teneurs de comptes pour les transferts de fonds, aux intermédiaires pour l’exécution de certaines opérations bancaires, aux autorités compétentes ou de tutelle habilitées, aux centrales d’information, aux compagnies et courtiers d’assurances dûment habilités, aux ayants droit, tuteurs et mandataires habilités,.
    • Les données personnelles collectées peuvent, à l’occasion de diverses opérations faire l’objet d’un transfert à l’étranger. Ce transfert doit-être autorisé préalablement par la CNDP conformément aux articles 43 et 44 de la loi 09-08.
    • L’abonné, justifiant de son identité et conformément à la loi 09-08, dispose d'un droit d'accès, à ses données personnelles, d’un droit de rectification de celles-ci ainsi que d'un droit d'opposition, pour des motifs légitimes, au traitement de ses données. Pour exercer vos droits vous pouvez vous adresser à l’agence gestionnaire de votre compte.
    • Ce traitement a été autorisé par la CNDP sous le n°A-GC-220/2014 »
  • Article 6: Duration and termination of the agreement
    • This subscription agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
    • The Bank reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel at any time without notice or justification, all or part of the services provided for in Article 2
    • In no event will the Bank be held liable for any consequences that may arise in arising for the Subscriber or the third party. The Bank is in no way liable for damages directly or indirectly caused to the Subscriber or to any third party as a result of the service or its use.
    • The Subscriber may terminate this agreement by simple application made to his agency or his delegation. This agreement may also be terminated automatically in one of the following cases:
    • - When closing the account,
    • - When the Subscriber's account remains unmodified, for more than 6 months,
    • - In the event of the occurrence of new facts, such as to render impossible the execution of this present agreement.
  • Article 7: Billing
    • Subscription to the services mentioned in this agreement is free. Some services are subject to billing as provided for on the breviary of commissions available on the Chabbi Net website or at any bank branch.
    • The Bank reserves the possibility of changing this billing, particularly in terms of technology, regulatory or financial changes, or to improve the quality or security of information. This change is considered accepted by the customer when he uses the services of the Bank.
  • Article 8: Suspension of access to services
    • The Bank reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without notice, access to the services subscribed by the Subscriber.
    • In the event of accidental interruption of the service, the Subscriber may contact his agency or his delegation directly to receive the information provided for in Article 2.
  • Article 9: Use of the service
    • Referring to Article 491 of Law No. 15-95 forming the Commercial Code, relating to the sending of statements, the Subscriber expressly agrees to waive receipt of the statement by paper mail, against the provision by the Bank of a monthly statement available on its private area Chaabi Net.
    • The Subscriber undertakes to check the accuracy of the transactions on his statement of account and to submit any objection or dispute to the Bank within 30 days from the date of publication of the statement.
    • In the absence of a dispute within 30 days following the publication of the statement of account, the transactions entered on the account shall be deemed to be compliant and definitively approved by the Subscriber.  
    • In case of non availability of the statements as indicated above, the Subscriber is required to claim his unpublished account statements within fifteen days after the end of the month of publication. Failing this, any late challenge, due to lack of publication of the statement can not be enforced against the Bank, which is expressly accepted by the Subscriber.
    • If, following a consultation, an error or omission appears to the Subscriber, the Subscriber must ask his agency or his delegation to confirm the information transmitted, failing to do so within 30 days. days from the date of receipt of the message, the Bank is released from any liability.
    •  It should be noted that the Subscriber is solely responsible for the use, personalization of services and the protection of data and / or software stored on his computer equipment, therefore, the Bank can not be held responsible in case virus contamination.
  • Article 10: Subscription by a collective account
    • The Subscriber declares to be perfectly aware, that in case of subscription by a collective account (joint account between spouse or an undivided account among other co-owners), the spouse or the co-holder of his collective account will have access to his other accounts, in case of plurality of accounts and assumes any responsibility in this respect, and further declares to release the responsibility of the Bank in case of use of the unauthorized service on his part by his spouse and his co-holder.
  • Article 11: Adding and deleting accounts
    • In case of plurality of accounts, the Subscriber may delete one or more accounts at the subscription level. For this purpose, the service will be effective only for the other account (s) not deleted. As the Subscriber may add accounts to his subscription. In this case, in case of a subscription by a collective account (joint account between spouses or an undivided account among other co-owners) or the co-holder of his collective account will have access to his other added accounts, which the Subscriber declares know and release the Bank from any liability in this regard.
  • Article 12: Modification of the general conditions
    • The Bank reserves the right to add other services to those mentioned in article 2 hereof or to modify the services already provided for herein, in particular according to technology, regulatory or financial changes or to improve the quality or security of information, and by the same reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions, informing the customer by any means that it considers appropriate.
    • Service developments are considered accepted by the customer when they use the new services of the Bank.
  • Article 13: Applicable Law and Dispute Settlement
    •  This Convention is governed by Moroccan law.
    • The parties agree that all disputes relating to the performance of this contract will fall within the jurisdiction of the courts which are within the Customer's domicile or place of residence or the place where the act causing the loss occurred, as the case may be. client.
  • Article 14: Election of domicile
    • The parties declare to elect domicile at the addresses indicated above.