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The solutions

  • 1 - A few technical precautions are necessary
    • 1. Have an antivirus software
      2. To have an anti-spyware
      3. Have a firewall
      4. Ensure that software that uses Internet is up to date by enabling automatic update functions
      5. Check these updates regularly: once a week on average.
  • 2 - Using Internet services properly
    • To use the power of Internet in complete safety, a few simple reflexes are necessary.

      The e-mails

      1. Don't open e-mails you don't know the origin of, even if the subject is a priori attractive, serious, important.
      2. Never communicate personal information (personal codes, etc.).
      3. Apply a few simple rules:

      • Is the e-mail in French?
      • Do you know the sender?
      • Are you really in the list of recipients?
      • Does the attached file contain any type of risk (link on "Internet en toute sérénité/Se protéger des virus")?
      • Does the content seem completely intelligible and coherent to you?
      • Are you personally concerned?
      • If the message is in French, does it contain strange characters?

      If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, take precautions, the message may contain a virus, a Trojan horse, a hoax, spam, phishing.


      1. Remember your access codes, do not write them down anywhere.
      2. If you go to your bank website, or if you wish to make a purchase on the Internet, check the URL of the website you are on.
      3. If you pay for purchases on the Internet, make sure you are in a safe place (SSL Protected) when communicating information about your method of payment: credit card number, account number.
  • 3 - Summed up
    • To surf the Internet with complete peace of mind, it is recommended to:

      1. Have the following software available, whose updates must be checked regularly:

      2. Check:
          the authenticity of the e-mails you receive
          the URL of the visited websites

      3. Memorize your access codes without entering them anywhere.